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kalyANa organics











kalyANa organics










kalyana, Sanskrit for "well-being" creates ready-baked goods and packaged mixes crafted from organic, gluten-free ingredients. nutritious and delicious!

Our products are consciously developed with your well-being in mind.  We only use ingredients of integrity:
organic coconut flour, organic sprouted grains, non-fumigated almond flour, organic arrowroot,
Himalayan pink salt, aluminum/GF baking powder, and unrefined sweeteners (if any), in all of our PACKAGED MIXES.

Packaged mixes

Explore our delicious and healthy
culinary packaged mixes available for
purchase to bake at home. 
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My journey to gluten-free baking has truly been a labor of love. It started when my grandson Aiden (my sous chef) was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In the quest to find healthy, tasty foods for him, I began experimenting with different types of baking. Much to my surprise, I discovered that gluten-free foods made a big difference in how he processed the world around him. Fast forward five years later to a serendipitous meeting with KalyANa creator and founder Robyn Wright, who enthusiastically passed the KalyANa baton to me. Sometimes when something is right, you just know it. 

KalyANa products are created in a dedicated gluten-free commercial kitchen located in Dousman, Wisconsin.  I provide delicious baked goods using many of the same recipes (you don’t mess with perfection) as when KalyANa first began. Each product is uniquely crafted using only the best organic, gluten-free ingredients, many of which are locally sourced. I use non-fumigated almond flour and organic coconut flour. I combine these with organic unrefined oils, free-range eggs, sweet creamery butter, and pure coconut palm sugar to create moist, delectable muffins, cupcakes, cookies, bread and much more. My products are not only nutritious, but they taste amazing! If you don’t believe me… ask Aiden.

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KalyANa Organics is the winner of the 2018 Rev-Up MKE competition for start-up entreprenuers!

Enjoy KalyANa products delivered right to your door!